How much does it cost to rent the "Super Game Bus" ? And How do we Pay for the Super Game Bus ?
Go to our home page to see the prices - Payment: We take Cash; or, the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover

Having a corporate event ? Fundraiser or any type of special event ? Call us for special pricing.

NO BODY PLAYS OUTSIDE ALL OF OUR TVs ARE INSIDE !! (some of our competitors have their TVs outside their trailers; therefore, the party is split in half, you have reflexion on the screens and what do you do if it rains or if it is extremly hot or cold ?; or, if there is a tree or bushes in the way ?)

During cold Winters, Rainy Season, or Hot Summers, it does not matter, because inside the "Super Game Bus", it is the perfect temperature inside at all times. We manage the party so you can relax and enjoy your half of your party.

We have done a lot of strange and different events -

Not just birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and fundraisers. But to name a few events, 20 children with ADHD. (This was the 1st time the parents enjoyed a party without any problems with the children) Children with physical disabilities. (When a bouncer won't do) We baby-sat teenagers during dad's and/or mom's corporate Christmas parties, we baby-sat kids during weddings so the bride and groom can concentrate on their day without the children causing any commotion. A retirement party for a 55 year old professional gamer. How about a slumber party from 12 midnight to 2 am ? Motorcycle racing rally out in the desert. New Year Eve parties starting at 9pm to 4am. If you can think it, we can do it. Anytime, any day, any location, in any type of weather !!!!

What is your refund policy ?
Once you make the reservation, your day and time slot will be inked in. Nobody but you will have that date and time and size of bus.
We will call you around 2 days before the party to reconfirm everything. Then, we will charge the remaining balance on your credit card, or you can pay us cash on the day of the event for the remaining balance.
We come to parties "Rain or Shine" because the party is inside the Bus. Because all the Tvs are all inside the bus. No Tvs are outside.
When you make a reservation, you are given a special time and day just for your event.
Then we will be turning down other potential customers who would love to have the Super Game Bus on "your"
time slot and day. So, cancelling at lease 10 days or more before your event is preferred so we can rent the Super Game Bus to someone else.

If you cancel 3 day or less before your event, then you will be charged the full amount of the rental.

How many games does the Game Bus have ?

We carry with us, all the time, approx. 100 games, and 65 of them are non-violent. Your children can choose any game they want from our menu and as many times as they want. It's all about the kids and having fun. Also, we have multiple of the most popular games.

Note: If you do not want the children not to play any of the "M" games, then we will not allow them to play them.

What if it rains or it is over 100 degrees outside ?
Don't worry. Neither rain or heat will slow us down. You have a party ? We will be there ! We have
high-powered a/c units in both Super Game Buses for those hot days. We have huge, quiet, clean
running propane generators to power these units. The entire party is inside the buses.
No half of the party inside and the other half is outside. With our Super Game Buses, everyone plays together inside the bus.

How many kids and adults will fit into the bus ?
The Super Game Bus with 7 TVs was originally designed to hold 78 passengers.

The Super Game Bus with 7 TVs can have upto 28 players playing at one time - comfortably. But, there are 2 player games, so between 22-28 players depending on the games they choose.

How much space do you need for the bus ?
We need a good 50' to maneuver the 37' long bus, that is about 4 car lengths.

Do parents have to supervise the children ?
No. We have a "Game Master" to help entertain and watch over your children and to make sure they are happy,
so you can enjoy your side of the party. Most of the time, the parents just want to hang out in "The Bus" because most
of the time, the Super Game Bus is sooo nice and cool inside. But, it can get really loud with games going on and children yelling and screaming.

How do you get electricity ?
We have huge, quiet, clean running propane generators. No toxic fumes. No need to run electrical cords to your location. These generators are hidden on the bottom of the bus.

What areas do we travel to ? Answer: Most anywhere.
We are based in Newport Beach, California. We travel all over Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, all over.
Give us a call to see if we travel to your area.
There may be some areas that we have to charge a little extra to help with the cost of fuel and time.

Can you drive our group around town in the bus, or take us to Las Vegas ?
No. We tried it a couple times, but the xboxes bounced too much and ruined the discs.

Is food and drinks allowed inside the bus ?
No. We have to keep "The Bus" clean for the next party. I have not seen a child play a game and eat a hotdog at the
same time. But, for the parents that want to hang out, they can bring in drinks.